What is DART?
Poszukujemy robotyków gotowych na wyzwania
Więcej szczegółów o hackathonie już wkrótce!
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Drones And Robots Tournament, commonly known as DART was started by a group of robotics enthusiasts.
In 2021 they joined together for a single goal - to discover new horizons of their common interest.
Each of them represented a different attitude, so together they were able to create a unique project.
The project soon transformen into an event which united a lot of other enthusiasts sharing our vision.
First iteration of drones-and-robots tournament under DART name gathered
many contestants from Poland and Europe in Cracow.
Our participants may vary in age, knowledge or experience, but one thing was present to all of them - dreams.
We all wanted to start a passion and continue to develop in our smaller robotics circles.

We want to see with our eyes how new solutions to existing problems are born
and high-end tech growth speeds up even more.
We want DART to be a symbol of robotics development and indicator of quality.